Friday, 11 October 2013


I have the most persistent cold ever, the kind that doesn't incapacitate you but just makes you tired and sore. I'm constantly tired, and the workload. Oh, the workload.

On my first day at the Institute of Archaeology, they said to us: We take your education very seriously. 

I had no idea what that would entail.

But I will say this: I am so excited to be doing this, and very happy. I'm keeping in mind what a privilege an education like this can be.

And other things:

London is finally, finally cold. I've been stubbornly wearing coats and scarves and wishing for autumn weather and it's finally arrived, in all its glory.

Fittingly, I went to see Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit at Hackney Empire today. Nothing goes with pink noses and cold fingers like folk music. On that note, here is a song for you.

And finally. I fell in love with Hackney today, in all its gentrified glory. It reminded me of home, which is a lot of places these days (but mostly Helsinki).

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