Friday, 18 October 2013

days, nights

Right-o, dudes, let's have an update.

London is rainy, then sunny, then rainy again, all within minutes. It keeps us on our toes, as does the workload, and that's good, I think, but entirely exhausting.

I got a smiley piercing and fell for it, hard, and had to take it out this morning because my front teeth were aching and I'm not risking my teeth for a piercing.

I got Comme des Fuckdown hat and I wear it everywhere because it's the most comfortable thing, and in many ways it's entirely inappropriate, and then again: this is London, I tell myself, so nobody will care.

Here's a morning:

Wake up, do sun salutations facing the window, read emails, eat breakfast, do last-minute reading. Walk to uni in the rain or sunshine or both, through the little streets and through two tiny parks. Listen to Kanye or Chet Faker or Bow Wow or M.I.A., get a tea from the union café before class.

Here's a day:

Go to a tutorial, discuss theories of globalization, talk about how we define civilization, go for lunch at a farmer's market, then spend the afternoon in the British Museum. Feel like things are settling into a larger context, that they aren't just artefacts and objects, but that there's something happening to my worldview, something changing.

Here's a night:

Go to a radio society meeting at a union bar, end up going to a jazz gig at the legendary Ronnie Scott's with people I barely know, talk to this cute boy for the entire evening, dance, drink drinks that are far too expensive. Walk to the bus stop through the rough streets of Soho (alone, at one in the morning), take a bus home. Find two of my flatmates in the kitchen having a very late dinner, stay up talking to them for an hour or so, collapse into bed.

Things are good and exhausting and really, really good. The city feels smaller every day, in the best of ways, and there are so many people here I could grow to like. I got my own radio show. I have plans for Halloween and I'm seeing Arctic Monkeys next week, and the things I haven't figured out yet, I will.

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